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Your ebooks can be easily read on the computers or on reading devices such as Amazon Kindle, but if you need to have some pages on paper then things start getting complicated. In fact, printing e-pages is not as easy as it sounds, as you probably already knows...

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Some tricks to make it:

  • Resize your e-reader's window so that it resembles to something like an A4 paper.
  • Then take a screenshot of the ebook page (Windows 7 users can use the Snipping tool by selecting the exact area to print, while windows XP users can press ALT + STAMP to capture a screen shot).
  • Copy the image from the clipboard to an image view program.
  • Select the relevant part of the image and crop it to discard unwanted details (this could be necessary using screen shot capture).
  • Print the final image.

If this method doesn’t fit you, then here it is an universal way to print any eBook:

  • Set your ebook reader device on the exact page you want to print.
  • Place it, facing down, on a copier (also called as Xerox machine).
  • Close the lid and press the "Print" button.
  • Open the lid, change page, and the follow the previous line instructions (repeat it ad libitum).


Buy e-Photocopy tool - and in minutes you can print any page of your e-book from your pc!


Legal Note: before printing, read the Print & Distribution Policies for your ebook. Publisher's Policies can vary, so please read it carefully and then proceed forward at your own risk.

How e-Photocopy works

print kobo ebook

This program does not read documents directly: it acts as a real photocopier machine, capturing images of pages from your video and saving them into a PDF file.
It's Not a DRM Removal Tool: it does not toggle guards, it leaves the original ebook file intact and does not read document files directly.

From eBook to PDF formatted file

ebook to pdf

Features of the PDF files generated by e-Photocopy:

  • PDF files do not contain the text of the ebook, but only images of the pages selected by users.
  • PDF file content is not selectable: if you want to obtain selectable texts, you can apply an OCR procedure on the PDF file.

How to print an e-Book

How print Ebook

How to print your ebook?
It's very easy and you don't need any technical skill: be able to print your ebook in minutes!

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Books vs. e-Books and PDF

To get a printed copy of a paper book is quite easy using a common photocopier machine. On the contrary, with e-book things get complicated just because e-readers often prevent printing. That's why transferring the ebook content into a PDF file can be the simplest solution to get able to print it!

Print Any eBook

If you wish to have your e-book on paper you need to use our tool to be able to print any page in minutes!
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